Choice Coin

A Democratic Token For a New Age

Choice Coin is an Algorand Standard Asset that powers Decentralized Decisions, a voting and governance software built directly on the Algorand Blockchain. Decentralized Decisions enables organizations to make governance decisions in an open and decentralized manner. For the Choice Coin DAO, Decentralized Decisions leverages Proof-of-Participation as a governance mechanism, allowing voters to have a larger say in direct proportion to their contribution to the network. Decentralized Decisions is now live! Check out the link below to vote on the first proposal for the Choice Coin DAO: Vote 0.

Promoting Democracy and Decentralization

Decentralized Voting

Choice Coin powers Decentralized Voting Technology that will define governance for the next generation.

Participatory Validation

Holders of Choice Coin can immediately vote on allocations for the network, which will help democratic causes and organizations.

Open Development

The Choice Coin Network is entirely open source, and all participants can develop openly on both Choice Coin and its voting protocol.

A Growing Community

The Choice Coin community is rapidly expanding thanks to our engagement and incentive programs. As this open-source project continues to grow, we look forward to building the new age of decentralized governance. Learn more about Choice Coin by checking out our Github Repos, participation incentives, official blog, and documentation below.