Choice Coin


Choice Coin is a governance token and open source software for decentralized voting. The Choice Coin Network is prioritizing democracy, and will incentivize its participants to help it fundamentally change how decisions are made on a large scale. Choice Coin solves the decentralized voting problem by introducing a digital asset for voting on a distributed ledger.

Choice Coin is also entirely open source, with no formal strucutre or entity attached to it. Since its inception, Choice Coin has attracted a plethora of contributors from all over the world.


Choice Coin is now available on TinyMan! TinyMan is a Decentralized Exchange and Automated Market Maker operating on the Algorand Blockchain. It allows individuals to swap various ASAs for one another. Get Choice Coin on TinyMan today! Also, view current market information on AlgoCharts, an open source software created to track ASAs on TinyMan, here.

Updated Roadmap

The Choice Coin Network is glad to announce a community-proposed roadmap for the calendar year. This roadmap was voted upon by the CC Network, with responsiblity falling to its wide array of developers, writers, and researchers. The Choice Coin Community is excited to see these milestones being reached!

Exchange Availablity and Listing

Q4 2021
The Choice Coin Network plans to attach a price to its native token, CHOICE, by the end of Q3 2021. This will most likely be done through a decentralized exchange on the Algorand Blockchain such as Tinyman or AlgoDex. Choice Coin's inital liquidity pool will be with ALGO, allowing members of both communities to seamlessly trade between the two assets. With Tinyman launching by the end of Q3 2021, the Choice Coin Community is excited to have another aveneue to promote Choice, Decentralized Voting, and Democracy.

Choice Charities

Q1 2022
The Choice Coin Network plans to launch Choice Charities, a charity hosted by Fortior Blockchain, for its native token. The goal of Choice Charities will be to identify charities and non-profit organizations that engage in democratic and equitable practices. Choice Coin holders will be able to use Choice to vote for Choice charitable contributions.

Voting Application

Q2 2022
The Choice Coin Network plans to launch a full-stack voting application by the end of Q1 2022. This application will be an update over the current Fortior Voting Protocol developed by Fortior Blockchain, and will be live. It will allow any organization across the world to vote using Choice Coin and the Choice Coin Network. The launch of this interactive platform will enable Choice Coin to be used more widely for its use-case and spread decentralized voting as a legitimate form of governance.

The Choice Coin Network plans to continue allocating resources and assets to its rewards programs. These rewards programs have been extremely effective over the past two months, with the network growing at an exponential rate with regards to academic output, social media presence, and development. The Choice Coin Community remains keen on growing its membership in the months to come.