Choice Coin

White Papers

Decentralized Decisons

Published 30-Aug-2021

This research paper dives into Decentralized Decisons, a governance mechanism that leverages Choice Coin and the Fortior Voting Protocol to allow organizations to vote in a decentralized manner.

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Choice Coin White Paper

Published 25-Aug-2021

The Choice Coin White-Paper describes Choice Coin, a new Algorand-Standard-Asset that faciliates democracy and voting. An open-source endeavour, the Choice Coin White-Paper was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Algorand and Choice Coin Community.

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Smart Contracts on Algorand

Published 16-Jul-2021

This research paper is the first of a few that will explain in detail our work and deveopment. It introduces a new of type of smart-contract (Algogenous Smart Contracts) and also references Choice Coin. The official Choice Coin white-paper will go into more detail.

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