Choice Coin is a governance token and open source software for decentralized voting. The Choice Coin Network is prioritizing democracy, and will incentivize its participants to help it fundamentally change how decisions are made on a large scale. Choice Coin solves the decentralized voting problem by introducing a digital asset for voting on a distributed ledger. Choice Coin is also entirely open source, with no formal strucutre or entity attached to it. Since its inception, Choice Coin has attracted a plethora of contributors from all over the world.

Updated Roadmap

The Choice Coin Network is glad to announce a community-proposed roadmap for the calendar year. The Choice Coin community is excited to see these milestones being reached!

Q1 2022

HerTechChoice, Tokenomics Report, & More

Q1 brought the founding of Her Tech Choice, a 6-Week virtual bootcamp for women who are interested in software development on Algorand. It is an avenue to network and collaborate with other participants with the same drive and vision. The program empowers 200 participants with a variety of software development skills ranging from UI and UX design, frontend development, and backend development. Her Tech Choice also provides grants and incentives based on task completion and healthy collaboration. The program is beginner focused and no prior knowledge of coding is required.

Choice Algonomics is a Report on Algorand tokenomics with an emphasis on Algo and Choice. Algo is the native cryptocurrency of the Algorand blockchain and its breakthrough layer-1 protocol and Choice is a utility token for voting created by the Choice Coin DAN.

Q2 2022

Security Audit, Rekey Reserve & Choice Defi

In Q2, Choice Coin will complete an external security audit. The audit results may initially be kept proprietary, however we hope to make the results public upon satisfaction of any needed remedies.

An important goal for the Choice Coin Open-Source Software team in Q2 is to rekey the reserve address. The reserve address for Choice Coin will release 75,000,000.00 Choice until the address is empty.

Choice DeFi will be a team of the Choice Coin DAN focused on building DeFi Applications on Algorand. The team will focus on developing and building on the Algomy software and machine learning analysis for financial forecasting. The goal will be to create a web application for statistical analysis of digital assets.

Q3 2022

Choice Coin v2 Launch

Choice Coin v2 is a multi-vote platform for decentralized governance. The platform went live in July 2022.

Q4 2022

Governance Platform Launch

There exist several DeFi platforms rewarding users for staking assets or providing assets to liquidity. However, there is a need for a platform that rewards users for participation in governance processes. Participation is critical for DAOs and DANs because participation drives use, decentralization, and regulatory compliance. The goals for the Governance Platform are to evolve governance software on Algorand, to allow any DAO or DAN to generate a vote on the platform, and to make DAO voting fast, easy, and fun for any DAO on Algorand.