White Papers

Decentralized Decisons

Published 30-Aug-2021

This research paper dives into Decentralized Decisons, a governance mechanism that leverages Choice Coin and the Fortior Voting Protocol to allow organizations to vote in a decentralized manner.

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Choice Coin White Paper

Published 25-Aug-2021

The Choice Coin White-Paper describes Choice Coin, a new Algorand-Standard-Asset that faciliates democracy and voting. An open-source endeavour, the Choice Coin White-Paper was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Algorand and Choice Coin Community.

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Choice Algonomics

Published 3-Mar-2022

Choice Algonomics is a Report on Algorand and Choice Coin tokenomics with an emphasis on Algo and Choice. Algo is the native cryptocurrency of the Algorand blockchain and its breakthrough layer-1 technical protocol. Choice is a utility token for voting created by the Choice Coin DAO, the largest open source software project on the Algorand blockchain. The purpose of this Report is to provide an overview for the DeFi ecosystem evolving on Algorand and offer analysis relating to the economic structures supporting Algo and Choice respectively.

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Algomy : Predicting ALGO Price

Published 11-Oct-2021

This Paper introduces Algomy, a machine learning software that predicts the price of ALGO, the Algorand cryptocurrency. First, this Paper discusses the Algorand blockchain from a tokenomics perspective. Second, it discusses the background behind Algomy, including analysis of information theory and software implementation. Finally, this Paper describes the machine learning techniques applied and the results from Algomy, which predict the future price trajectory of ALGO.

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Smart Contracts on Algorand

Published 16-Jul-2021

This research paper is the first of a few that will explain in detail our work and deveopment. It introduces a new of type of smart-contract (Algogenous Smart Contracts) and also references Choice Coin. The official Choice Coin white-paper will go into more detail.

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Cryptosecurity: An Analysis of Cryptocurrency Security and Securities

Published 14-Jul-2021

This paper makes three contributions to the blockchain and law literature. First, this paper explores technical security aspects evolving with various governance mechanisms across blockchain networks. Next, this Essay analyzes digital assets under U.S. securities laws and executive enforcement policies, in light of several new developments at the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission. Third, this Essay crystalizes cryptocurrency compliance toward an autonomous governance system, introducing a new algorithm for compliance automation.

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Algorand Autonomous

Published 16-Apr-2021

This paper introduces Algorand Autonomous, a smart contract platform, voting mechanism, and a full-stack DAO deployment mechanism. At the technical convergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence, Autonomous Algorand is a platform for technical and financial innovation. The purpose of Algorand Autonomous is to provide investors with a secure financial hub that acts as a DAO and also allows them to upload transactions and financial data to a remote Skynet Database.

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Quantum Voting in Reach for Ethereum and Algorand

Published 15-Jul-2021

This White Paper introduces and contributes the first implementation of the Decentralized Voting Algorithm. First, Part I provides an overview for the software structures relevant to this work. Second, Part II introduces a decentralized voting algorithm for transferring value on blockchain networks. Third, Part III explains the voting algorithm’s implementation in reach, including the backend architecture, web deployment, and quantum integration. Perhaps most significantly, this paper solves the Decentralized Voting Problem with a new quantum consensus system.

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